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$100 Evivo Gift Card

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Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review

For starters, my little girl had so much extra gas and she has TERRIBLE reflux. Once starting the probiotics. within the first week. I noticed a big difference in her gas; she wasn’t as fussy and wasn’t passing as much gas. We have to put rice cereal in her bottles for her reflux and she’s also on medicine for it. I was worried about the rice cereal causing constipation with her. Well, sure enough, it did, until we started the probiotics. She is now regular and goes once a day at least. Sometimes even twice a day! It’s amazing! I definitely recommend this stuff for sure!

Nikkie E.
Georgia Georgia
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review

So far, we have seen great results with Evivo. My grandson has less gas, is sleeping better, and is not as colicky in the afternoon. My daughter-in-law had been on an antibiotic when she was first breastfeeding, and it had caused issues with the baby's delicate stomach. She has since stopped breastfeeding and uses Evivo with formula. And each day, he seems to get happier and less colicky.

Mississippi Mississippi
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Significant improvement in gas!

After about a week on evivo my daughters has got significantly better and as a result she also started sleeping better at night. So glad I found this product, it’s expensive but seems worth it for the time baby is on breast milk.

Sara O.
North Carolina North Carolina
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Fantastic for my baby!

Baby BMs are down to 1-2 a day and she seems much happier since starting Evivo!

Diva H.
California California
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Newborn Gas Relief

My baby has had bad gas since day one, we tried everything (gas drops, other probiotics, massage etc.). Finally tried Evivo and saw improvements within first few days!

Lauren T.
California California
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review

My 7-week old daughter used to cry in pain whenever she was awake. It started to decrease after the first week. Two weeks in, she only fusses when she is hungry or has a dirty diaper. We don't even have to suffer through the witching hour as we did with our first child!

Louisiana Louisiana
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Gassy baby

Evivo has helped my newborn with her gas. She wakes up less at night which makes this momma a happy one.

Christine G.
Florida Florida
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Helped our baby soo much!

Our newborn was 3.5 weeks when we started Evivo and he was so uncomfortable and fussy - having reflux and tummy pain after every nursing session. After about a week being on it, his screaming lessened and he had a few times after nursing without the tummy troubles. I highly recommend it! After being on it for 4 weeks, his tummy issues are soo much better- it only happens once or twice instead of 8-10 times a day and we haven’t had projectile spit up in a while. It definitely makes a difference! We give it to him every evening.

Tina M.
Virginia Virginia
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Big changes!

We started Evivo around 2 1/2 months. On the first day, our little one would NOT sleep… for like 12 hours. She was so tired but could not sleep. The following 2-3 days were rough in the evening as she would howl at bedtime. I suspect this was due to her changing gut microbiome because it noticeably coincided with administering the probiotic. She didn’t pass stool for about 3-4 days after this. I was concerned that she had become constipated. THEN, she had a bowel movement much larger and somewhat thicker and darker than we had ever seen before. The next few weeks continued like this. She is 5 mo now and we have given almost daily. She seems calmer, poops 1-2 times every 1-3 days and I haven’t noticed a diaper rash since. She was developing a bit of eczema and I THINK it has gone away… also coinciding with the probiotic. I am a science nerd so I tested her microbiome using a commercially available kit from a company called Thyrve Inside. I’m not sure if this kit is optimized for baby stool but it showed before: <1% bifidobacterium and >65% bifido after about 2 weeks of daily usage. Pretty cool! I recommend! Only con is that it does not dissolve well. Easy to overcome by adding a little more than the 3-5 mL breast milk recommendation.

Emily P.
California California
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Getting another month!

My 9 week old has been on Evivo for three weeks now and I have noticed a decrease in her colic. I have decided to continue her on for another month. I look forward to seeing her get even better!

Jessica P.
North Carolina North Carolina