Evivo Baby Probiotic Starter Kit, includes 1-Month Supply

The Evivo 1-Month Starter Kit comes with a 4-week supply of Evivo and includes 28 sachets, mixing bowl, feeding syringe, and instructions. Only Evivo contains the superior strain of B. infantis: EVC001.*

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Evivo contains purified lactose (milk), B. longum subsp. infantis EVC001 (soy*)

CFU Count:
8 Billion CFU per sachet

* Manufacturing process may lead to residual amounts of soy


  • No additives
  • No artificial colors or dyes
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Gluten-Free


1. Pour

Pour 1 sachet of Evivo powder into the included mixing bowl.

2. Mix

Add 3-5 ml* of breast milk or formula to the powder and mix well.

3. Feed

Feed to baby using enclosed syringe. Do not add to bottle. Use immediately once mixed. Do not store for later use.

4. Protect

One sachet per day is all baby needs.

Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001, ActiBif®) is intended for use in term infants consuming breast milk or formula. If your baby is preterm, immunocompromised, has known allergies, or if you have other questions concerning your baby's health, please consult your physician.

Store in freezer until ready to use for up to one year. Will keep in refrigerator for up to 1 month.

From freezer to feeder.
Forgot to take Evivo out of freezer? No worries. Evivo can be used straight from the freezer.


Wash bowl and dropper-feeding syringe with hot, soapy water after each use. Don’t forget to remove the syringe plunger from the barrel before cleaning and make sure to let them dry separately.

*for newborns or infants who cannot tolerate a 3-5 ml volume in one feeding, consider making a thin paste with Evivo powder using a small amount of breastmilk, formula, or water, and use finger to feed directly to baby or apply to nipple during feeding.


Frequently Asked Questions

My baby is formula fed only. Can I still use Evivo?

Yes, however, our clinical study was completed with babies consuming breast milk only. Evivo is a beneficial probiotic that can provide benefits to all infants. Evivo works together with the milk oligosaccharides from breast milk to restore the infant gut microbiome to its original, natural state. Evivo needs these milk oligosaccharides to be 100% effective.

How do I store Evivo at home?

Evivo's special packaging keeps out light, moisture, heat, and air. Keep it in the refrigerator or freezer until you're ready to use it. And no worries if you forget to take Evivo out of the freezer. Evivo can be used straight from the freezer. Evivo will keep in the refrigerator for up to one month.

Can I combine Evivo with other probiotics?

All you need is one strain—the right one! Clinical studies show that Evivo contains the right amount of B. infantis to restore the infant gut microbiome. Evivo is all the probiotic your baby needs. If you still have concerns, check with your healthcare professional.

What does "activated" B. infantis mean?

We grow our strain of B. infantis with a proprietary process that turns on (or activates) the necessary genes. This allows B. infantisto consume milk oligosaccharides in breast milk better than any other bacteria that may be present in the gut. Yes, mom, you want the activated B. infantis.

There are other probiotics with B. infantis on the market, what is unique about Evivo?

Why Evivo? Because we've got proof. Evivo is the only brand clinically proven to restore the infant gut microbiome to its natural state. Evivo doesn't just contain B. infantis, it actually is activated B. infantis which means it's ready to work the minute you give it to your baby.

Is Evivo free of common allergens?

Evivo contains no dyes, no artificial flavors, no drugs, no alcohol and no additives. Plus, it’s gluten-free. Our goal is only to add components that you'd expect to find in the healthy gastrointestinal tract of an infant.

Evivo does contain lactose, which is the only sugar naturally found in breastmilk AND the only sugar babies should be consuming, and, as such, contains dairy. B. infantis is a fermented product and uses soy ingredients for growing Evivo. While soy is not an ingredient, it is used as a processing component in our production, and subsequently, Evivo may contain trace amounts of soy and/or dairy. The soy we use is Non-GMO. The lactose in Evivo is derived from dairy products that do not contain GMO-derived material and therefore we do not consider it a GMO ingredient. If you have any concerns, please consult your healthcare professional.

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us via email or call us M-F 7AM-4PM Pacific Time at 844.GO.EVIVO (844.463.8486). Because Evivo is a live, perishable organism that requires climate-controlled conditions, we cannot accept returns even if the product is unopened.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the "live" nature of the product, shipping requirements and speed at which an order is received, picked, packed, and shipped we are unable to cancel an order once it is submitted. Please read the FAQ’s to ensure Evivo is right for your baby before ordering.

What is the recommended serving of Evivo?

Once a day, every day, give your baby the recommended serving of 1 sachet of Evivo mixed with 3-5ml of breast milk.

How do I mix Evivo and give it to my baby? How do I know when it is mixed to the right consistency?

Feeding baby Evivo is so easy, you can even do it while holding your baby. Simply mix 1 sachet of Evivo probiotic powder with 3-5 ml of breast milk in the Evivo mixing bowl provided. Then dropper-feed the mixture to baby, using the enclosed syringe to draw the mixture from the bowl.

As you get more comfortable with it, you can dab the mixture on a finger to feed baby. Do what feels right for you. As long as baby gets the entire contents immediately, it’s all good.

*B. infantis EVC001 out-performs other B. infantis strains lacking important functions of the H5 cluster.

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Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review

For starters, my little girl had so much extra gas and she has TERRIBLE reflux. Once starting the probiotics. within the first week. I noticed a big difference in her gas; she wasn’t as fussy and wasn’t passing as much gas. We have to put rice cereal in her bottles for her reflux and she’s also on medicine for it. I was worried about the rice cereal causing constipation with her. Well, sure enough, it did, until we started the probiotics. She is now regular and goes once a day at least. Sometimes even twice a day! It’s amazing! I definitely recommend this stuff for sure!

Nikkie E.
Georgia Georgia
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review

So far, we have seen great results with Evivo. My grandson has less gas, is sleeping better, and is not as colicky in the afternoon. My daughter-in-law had been on an antibiotic when she was first breastfeeding, and it had caused issues with the baby's delicate stomach. She has since stopped breastfeeding and uses Evivo with formula. And each day, he seems to get happier and less colicky.

Mississippi Mississippi
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Significant improvement in gas!

After about a week on evivo my daughters has got significantly better and as a result she also started sleeping better at night. So glad I found this product, it’s expensive but seems worth it for the time baby is on breast milk.

Sara O.
North Carolina North Carolina
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Fantastic for my baby!

Baby BMs are down to 1-2 a day and she seems much happier since starting Evivo!

Diva H.
California California
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Newborn Gas Relief

My baby has had bad gas since day one, we tried everything (gas drops, other probiotics, massage etc.). Finally tried Evivo and saw improvements within first few days!

Lauren T.
California California
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review

My 7-week old daughter used to cry in pain whenever she was awake. It started to decrease after the first week. Two weeks in, she only fusses when she is hungry or has a dirty diaper. We don't even have to suffer through the witching hour as we did with our first child!

Louisiana Louisiana
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Gassy baby

Evivo has helped my newborn with her gas. She wakes up less at night which makes this momma a happy one.

Christine G.
Florida Florida
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Helped our baby soo much!

Our newborn was 3.5 weeks when we started Evivo and he was so uncomfortable and fussy - having reflux and tummy pain after every nursing session. After about a week being on it, his screaming lessened and he had a few times after nursing without the tummy troubles. I highly recommend it! After being on it for 4 weeks, his tummy issues are soo much better- it only happens once or twice instead of 8-10 times a day and we haven’t had projectile spit up in a while. It definitely makes a difference! We give it to him every evening.

Tina M.
Virginia Virginia
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Big changes!

We started Evivo around 2 1/2 months. On the first day, our little one would NOT sleep… for like 12 hours. She was so tired but could not sleep. The following 2-3 days were rough in the evening as she would howl at bedtime. I suspect this was due to her changing gut microbiome because it noticeably coincided with administering the probiotic. She didn’t pass stool for about 3-4 days after this. I was concerned that she had become constipated. THEN, she had a bowel movement much larger and somewhat thicker and darker than we had ever seen before. The next few weeks continued like this. She is 5 mo now and we have given almost daily. She seems calmer, poops 1-2 times every 1-3 days and I haven’t noticed a diaper rash since. She was developing a bit of eczema and I THINK it has gone away… also coinciding with the probiotic. I am a science nerd so I tested her microbiome using a commercially available kit from a company called Thyrve Inside. I’m not sure if this kit is optimized for baby stool but it showed before: <1% bifidobacterium and >65% bifido after about 2 weeks of daily usage. Pretty cool! I recommend! Only con is that it does not dissolve well. Easy to overcome by adding a little more than the 3-5 mL breast milk recommendation.

Emily P.
California California
Evivo Refill, includes 1-Month Supply (Special $50) Review
Getting another month!

My 9 week old has been on Evivo for three weeks now and I have noticed a decrease in her colic. I have decided to continue her on for another month. I look forward to seeing her get even better!

Jessica P.
North Carolina North Carolina